Republic Navy Challenge Coin V2

$1.00 - $13.00
Republic Navy Challenge Coin V2

*V2 of this coin has a slightly darker burgundy enamel. Everything else is identical to the previous version*

“For Excellence in Defense of the Republic.”

This coin is one that would have been presented by senior leaders in the Republic Navy to deserving Troopers and allies during Clone Wars. This metal challenge coin has a polished antique silver finish and colored enamel. The front is a battle scarred Republic Navy logo as seen on the hull of naval vessels. The back of the coin features a 3D Venator-class Star Destroyer, the Jedi emblem, Republic Crest, and Navy logo. The bottom text reads "For excellence in defense of the Republic".

The outside of the coin lists the following battles and campaigns from the Clone Wars conflict:
-Mon Cala
-Outer Rim

2.5", metal. There may be slight imperfections from the manufacturing process and the reclaimed metal materials used to create them.

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